Seeking Balance.

I seek for roots, culture, soul and positivity. I value quality over quantity, so let’s collaborate. Available world wide for assignments, You may contact me via email, let’s link.


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Located in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida. Available world wide.

Leave your message for personal imagery or request a quote for special projects requiring commercial image licensing.

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Carousel No.5

Joey Clay’s Portraits of Creatives local & abroad, presented for Carousel No.5 at the Green Bench Brewery in Saint Petersburg, FL. Dec.2nd 2015 Carousel No.5: The Project is inspired by the experience of an old-fashioned slideshow. The event allows photographers to present work before a live audience, promoting discussion and strengthening our local arts community. Based in the Tampa Bay area, shows are held occasionally on both sides of the […]

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Abby Robinson

  16 years ago (hard to believe!) my time at S.V.A. The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan was very memorable because of the teachings of Abby Robinson.  She has BA:History of Architecture at Barnard College, NYC and a MFA:Photography: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, Abby Robinson was essential in my development. The class was Black and White Film & Dark Room processing. I had high school experience but Abby taught and explained it in way that helped me […]

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